How to Connect Smart Watch with Smart Phones

How to Connect Smart Watch with Smart Phones
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In this modern era, every single person is using technology in some way. Today`s trend of technologies are Smart phones, Smart watches, Laptop, Touch screen and latest i-phones.

But the gadgets related with technologies were malfunctioned when using them like sometimes our smart phone`s touch screens are irresponsive, net speed is slow in tablets, phones and many more problems we face using gadgets. In this blog I will tell you how to connect a smart watch with a smart phone.

First I will tell you what is a smart watch? So guys, here it is, A smart watch is a computerized wristwatch which is used for multitasking and its functionality goes beyond time keeping.

Now you can connect your smart watch with phone via Bluetooth. For this purpose you have to first pair your smart watch with the phone`s Bluetooth. You have to turn on Visibility of both smart phone and smart watch. Now go to your Bluetooth devices list in the settings of your smart watch and Tap Smart watch option. Wait for a while until both are paired.If the code displayed no your phone and Smart Watch matches up, tap the checkmark icon on your smart watch. Now the connection is ready you have to download Smart Watch applications from Play store. Now install that application in your smart phone.

Now Tap Smart Watch > Applications. A list of recommended and pre-configured set of applications for the Smart Watch appears. Tap an application name to go to Google Play or tap search for applications for a full list of available applications in Google Play.

Confirm on to your smart watch and Android device and tap through the next steps on your smart phone. For most of time, the smart watch will begin to update his software. Google engineers told that this can be a very large update, so you will probably want to do it while your phone is connected on Wi-Fi.

Depending on to your settings, the smart watch app may prompt to have notifications access. Just you have to follow the prompts, check the box next to the smart watch in Notification and you are able to use it.

If you are lack of Google Now enabled, the smart watch app will prompt you to enable it. If you are a Google app user, you may notice that you don’t have access to Google Now. You have not to worry; simply you have to log into Google account with your personal gmail id or toggle to your personal account. Once Google Now is enabled on your phone, it will also works on your smart watch.

By using and pairing smart watch you may perform multi tasks such as calling, dialling, listening music, speedometer, padometer, etc. etc.