Top 5 Best smart watches to buy in 2016

Top 5 Best smart watches to buy in 2016
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Watches are no more used just for knowing the time. Their Functionality has changed with time and the smart watches of today offer different metrics for the convenience of the users. Here are the top 5 Best Smart watches of 2016:

  1. Apple watch series 2 – This smart watch has a built-in GPS for runners, Long battery life, Bright display even in sunlight, waterproof design for swimmers and its performance is quick. The fitness-focused Apple Watch Series 2 is an excellent smart watch for those who want to stay in shape, thanks to its GPS, swim-proof design and brighter display.
  2. Pebble 2 – This smart watch lets you receive a whole lot of smartphone notifications, respond to texts and provides audio control playback, and last but not the least it helps to track steps and uses a heart-rate monitor to keep an account of the intensity of workouts to estimate calorie burn. It is compatible with Android and iPhone.
  3. Samsung Gear 3 – This is one of the best looking smart watches ever. It works with all Android phones and it’s a little big with bigger display. It has a rotating dial for selecting the menu, is water resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures and shock. It offers 4G LTE services which means you can leave your phone behind. You can make and receive calls with its built in speakers and has a good battery life. You can also use it to make payments. It can be used to measure runs and do other stuff.
  4. Moto 360 – This watch is smarter than your typical Android watches, and is elegant and stylish. It is highly customizable and has a bright and crisp display. It comes for men and women in different sizes and it has a live dial watch face. It has gesture controls and Wi-Fi support. Motorola Moto 360 is a great watch for techies looking for a device that’s functional and stylish.
  5. Huawei watch – it comes in scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, and a cold-forged, stainless steel unibody design. It has a nice and crisp display with fitness tracking ability. It is up to date with the latest version of the smart watch OS, meaning that it is Wi-Fi independent, has the new Together features, and official iOS support. This also means you can use the Huawei Watch with an iPhone.

So, get your smart watch today and look out for all the above mentioned features, to get the best deal out of it.